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Hey guys, > > I've been working on a CNC editor called NCPlot. It's in beta and > coming along nicely, but I would really like some feedback from real > world users. > >
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> > Thanks, > Scott > >

NC Plot has come a very long way in a short period of time. For those who have been using Discriminator (which has seen no development in years) I would strongly urge you to try NC Plot and to offer your suggestions to Scott.

My wishes and desires for NC Plot are posted at

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in the NC Plot Forum and include support for specific machine canned cycles, scripting, etc.

For anyone using BobCAD-CAM I feel NC Plot is a must because of the poor verification currently available with BobCAD-CAM.

For those who are VAR's and sell Rhino, etc. I think NC Plot would make a great addition to your line card.

For those selling Swiss screw machines perhaps you can help Scott develop his program in this area and offer his product to your Swiss screw machine customers ?


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jon banquer wrote in news:d8qpt5$172c$1

I'd be happy to talk to him about it.

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D Murphy

D Murphy wrote in news:Xns9676E9E199C62BW12BU20MU38SY@

Cool. Hope Scott takes you up on your kind offer.

Many of the Swiss screw machines I have seen in Phoenix, Arizona job shops are programmed with MDI with some help from simple CAD programs.

Scott's backplotter would make a welcome addition in these shops if it could backplot specific control G codes.

Perhaps you could work with Scott on developing the Swiss backplotting aspect and if NC Plot is developed to your satisfaction offer it to your Swiss screw machine customers ?

Would also like to see Bill Roberto work with Scott on FADAL specific canned cycles being supported in NC Plot.


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jon banquer

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