Re: Quality Work Done On A Cylinder Head Casting For A Brough Superior

> >> I sure hope you were able to catch him in time to tell him how necessar= y
> >> it was to hold .0004 on the guide bores to seat bores. =A0Otherwise, th= ey
> >> poor guy will have a scrap part.
> >> gk
> >Unlike your engines his don't turn into hand grenades.
> =A0
formatting link
=A0 Tolerance (new)
> =A0 Valve stem diameter: intake valve 9.990-9.978 mm (0.3933-0.3928 in)
> =A0 Valve guide to valve stem clearance 0.035-0.060 mm Intake valve cleara= nce in
> bore (0.0014-0.0024 in)
> =A0 Tolerance (new)
> =A0 Valve stem diameter: exhaust valve 9.970-9.958 mm (0.3925-0.3920 in)
> =A0 Valve guide to valve stem clearance. Exhaust valve clearance in bore
> 0.055-0.080 mm (0.0022-0.0031 in)
> =A0 =A0Now see the wear limits .
> --
> Cliff
Cliff, what exactly makes you think anyone in the solidworks group
cares about this broken conversation ? god i wish i could ignore
people with google groups..
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