RE Re: Amd dual processor any good for Solidworks with Pdmworks?

Ok this is what I have gone for:-

Asus A8N-SLI motherboard with 1 Gb network Amd athlon 64 r 4800 dual core processor

4gb DDR400 ram Nvidia 3400 Pci express graphic card Liteon dual layer dvdrom, (it was sooo cheap, lol) Floppy drive 250Gb Sata seagate barracuda 550watt PSU Midi tower case WindowsXP 64

Built and tested

1 year RTB £2193.00 ex vat

I will add 2 x 74Gb Raptor drives in raid 0 for my local SW working directory and swapfile as I already have these.

Any other improvements to recommend?

Thank you all for your comments so far :-)

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We'll expect benchmark results when you get it dialed in. If you have

2004 it would be interesting to bench it.
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I have ordered 2 systems and will get delivery on the 12/07/05 so I will do the benchmarks next week.

Is there a "standard" set-up for the benchmarks? I.e. screen resolution, Solidworks/Pdmworks settings, performance setting for example, addins enabled/disabled, Macafee 8.0 antivirus settings , windows firewall, AntiSpyware on/off, windows processes enabled.disabled etc? All of these will have an effect on the results.

Every time that I have tried to run star, all I get is error messages. :-( I hated sw 2004, too unstable for me, it almost got to the stage of dumping sw for AutoCAD LT or an Etchasketch,, lol. Now that I have mastered the project copying in sw2005 sp3.1, It saves me a lot of work. :-)

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