AMD Processor support?

I'm looking to build a system that may someday run Pro/E... I see that
AMD isn't on PTC's website under Platform support. Does this mean I
should stay on the Intel side of the world?
What does "de-certified" really mean on the graphics cards? PTC found an
issue, or what?
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No. If a CPU runs windows, it runs Pro/E. Certification means very little - except that PTC will become involved with troubleshooting (aka blaming the manufacturer) when a bug is found.
It's old. If you search this group's archives at
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you can find what low cost cards run Pro/E well. I suggest nVidia.
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David Geesaman
Thanks! The hotline said essentially the same thing... although they have to say "It will probably run - but we can't support you if you have a problem"
Neat to know about this group search... Although it really has to be reined-in to keep it from telling me about Sun Creator 3D graphics cards and 8M $300 cards from yesteryear.
David Geesaman wrote:
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