Nvidia Go5700 display problems on HP Laptop

I'm having problems with my video card in SW2005 on my HP zd7260.
When I open a part or an assembly, the image is often garbled. If I
re-tile the windows (I have a hotkey setup for this), the image clears
So I'm constantly re-tiling windows on my computer when I'm using
I've been doing this for months, and am worried about being shipped off
to the funny farm because it may drive me insane.
I have the newest available driver from HP.
I have the option of talking to HP about the problem, but I have a
feeling I'll be paying them $90 to not fix it.
My VAR has given me some tips (checking for drivers, etc.) but I
believe since it's not a "recommended" video card from Solidworks, I'm
sort of on my own here.
Thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide.
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What will it cost to buy an approved nVidia card for your machine?
If available for your HP, that would likely be the quickest and best, and maybe overall least expensive way to get great performance.
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Try running in software openGL mode...
1. start solidworks (do not open anything) 2. checkmark Tools -- Options -- performance - software openGL 3. restart solidworks
this should bypass the video card & make the processor emulate a professional card -- thus the computer may seem a little slower. unless you are doing very simple parts you may not notice a difference. if problems go away then you have just confirmed the problem is your video card. The only fix is to upgrade. Dell sells an M60 that is a certified solidworks laptop
Hope that helps. Steve T.
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Unfortunately, the video card is built into the motherboard. Nothing can be replaced.
I spoke with HP, and they said in the future it's likely that the video cards will be separate, but for now, I'm stuck with the video card I have.
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Thank you so much.
I checked the openGL box.
The results are exactly as you described: Problem gone, system slower. Some other flickering things (cylinders becoming rectangles while rotating assemblies) are happening. I just have to choose between my two less-than-perfect scenarios on this machine.
Lesson Learned: Next laptop will be a certified solidworks laptop.
For years at various companies I've used "non-certified" desktops without any problems. That finally bit me on a laptop.
Next time (hopefully within the next 6 months or so) I'll fork over the big bucks for a certified laptop.
Do you have any computer tweaking tips for making the software Open GL run better?
I sort of crossed my fingers when I purchased this laptop. I should have crossed my toes too, apparently.
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James you can also hack the card so it will emulate Quadro FX 500 card there are several web sites on how to do this. Rocko
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Thanks Rocko.
Actually, yes, I've been hanging out at laptopvideo2go.com
I downloaded a "modified" driver that corrected my problem.
I am quite a happy camper now!!!
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