Nvidia card display problems

I own a Nvidia Quadro 750XGL While running Acad2004 w/ two Samsung
Syncmaster 213t Monitors on a Dell Dimension 4600. The problem I'm having is
when inerting blocks or copy w/ multiple option the dispalyed geometry that
I'm copying or inserting is jumpy and "sticks" as I move the cursor across
the screen. I have the 77.56 driver installed for the video
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I hate it when that happens.
Sorry, just jealous I guess. I would like to help, but I can't afford to have problems like that. :)
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What does it take to connect two monitors to that card? Does resolution have to be lowered?
Fred wrote:
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You are running a very old driver for that card. I have the same card (with one screen) and have no problems. Update to the latest driver and see if it helps.
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Tim S
NO..as far as I am aware....
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