HP nw8440 notebook with ATI Mobility FireGL V5200

I have just gotten approval to spend under $2000 for a notebook. I am considering an HP nw8440. I'm sure the processor will be enough 2G core 2 duo, I'll get 2 meg of ram. I work on smaller assemblies, around 100 parts. THe concern I have is with the video card. IT is an ATI Mobility FireGL V5200. THe ATI FireGL V5200 is an approved card, but the SolidWorks web page does not mention the Mobility version of the card. Do you think I will be ok with the Mobility FireGL V5200.

Thanks for your help Monty

the computer:

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SW Approved Video Cards
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Always look under the notebook manufacturer for tested and certified notebooks for SolidWorks and recommended drivers.

The xw8440 is a certfied system. It's not speed demon, but it will work fine.

System Card OS Driver Date SolidWorks Notes nw8440 ATI Mobility Fire GL V5200 WinXP 06/12/2006 2007 View Notes

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That's exactly the same one I'm using, sme RAM on SW2006, using small assemblies >100 parts.

No problems so far with SW.

Just a couple minor things about the laptop itself, like the NIC is internal USB based connection, and connects/disconects when I unplug the power cord. But it may be a driver/OS thing.

Also, mine came without a fax modem, just modem. Stupid huh?

Otherwise, it's fast, thin, and screen is great.

I'd still recommend it to anyone.


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Very true, I also like the design, no problems with SW07 here

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