Scripting by Some Other Means? Please??

Some brave folks have attempted to forego VB for the sake of (you fill in:) _____ [readability, ease of code reuse, common sense, learnability all come to mind]. Has anyone become aware of Windows PowerShell? It seems to have all the right connections: .NET type model, deploys .NET infrastructure, is an interpretive shell so you _knows_what_you_gets_! Is also the spawn of microsoft, so. . .

As posters here are often intent on managing configurations and particularly (today), managing the custom props for such, this seems a terrific application of the right tool. Aforementioned bravehearts went the length with a _cool_ticket_ like Python. Not being a computer scientist, I look at PS from the outside and suspect the innards aren't too distinct in capabilities from VB or C++ or Python. What say ye?

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