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I am thinking of replacing my AMD Duron processor with a faster 1.6GHz processor and was hoping someone could tell me if I need to reload Windows XP after or if I can just replace the processor and then the BIOS will be the same. The processor is compatible with the motherboard so that should not be a problem. Will XP just detect the new processor just like it would a new piece of hardware?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Steve

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I'm not sure, but I would think it would. Its not really a problem to try it though; just replace the CPU and see if it runs. If it does then the job's done, if it doesn't then just restore the old one and you are back where you started, but with a little more knowledge.

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The chances are very good that it will blue screen or reboot almost immediately on bootup. Not a problem. Boot from the original XP cd, go to the third screen (first screen, install new, second screen, EULA, then...) and select "R" for a repair install. That will cause all devices to be reloaded but will not effect software or data. You will have to reload any device drivers not included with the XP os originally (video, network, multimedia are possibilities; possibility none will be necessary if your hardware is mainstream). You will have to reload any service packs and os updates following the XP version on the cd. You will probably have to reauthenticate the os with Microsoft unless that has not been done for over

120 days. Good Luck. Respectfully, Ron Moore
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Ron Moore

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A processor change will not change your "Score" enough to mandate a re-up. Guaranteed, if that's all you change.

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Tom Gardner

Depending on the motherboard, it may detect the changed CPU on bootup, you don't do a thing except watch every thing happen a little faster. On other motherboards, you have to go in and change dip switches or those pin connectors. In this case your motherbord book is needed. The OS has nothing to do with the CPU speed etc, its all in the motherboard.

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Your motherboard likely has jumpers on it for speed selection of the clocks. I'd see if you can find them and understand how they work. Otherwise unless it is an auto speed selecting PLL you will be using the same clock speed as before.

Motherboards and such are not simple stuff. Be cautious and prepared to re-boot the process.

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R> The chances are very good that it will blue screen or reboot almost

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Martin H. Eastburn

Motherboards made in the last few years are jumperless and autodetect the processor.

re-boot the process.

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