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No discussion in this thread of the FACT that it looks pretty clear

> that SolidWorks has won the market and that a major shift has just > started to occur in places like California where a major machining job > shops in San Diego dumped 5 seats of Mastercam and went with the > integrated solutions of SolidWorks and OpenMind Hypermill. That shop > would be San Diego's 5th Axis CNC. When I say dumped I mean dumped. > The don't use Mastercam any longer for anything period. > > How can Siemens NX be a factor when Siemens can't market to small > machining job shops and leaves this up to their VAR network which > isn't anywhere near as good or as strong as SolidWorks VAR network. > Further, Siemens isn't making any progress in this area which leads me > to believe that integrated solutions to SolidWorks will win out over > Siemens NX for the foreseeable future. > > For those that need to seriously modify dumb solids very affordable > solutions to do what SolidWorks can't do (direct modeling) like > SpaceClaim are available to help one deal with SolidWorks continued > serious limitation of working with dumb solids.

LOL! Babble on Jon, just babbling away as usual. Rattling off a bunch of buzzwords that have nothing to do with anything being discussed by the people who actually work in real shops.

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THANKS!! Bonnie Yonkers!! I was just thinking this morning how it is that there are these god on- topic threads, and the scene from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" comes to mind. Yonnie staring at the screen, steam shooting out of his ears, his head ready to explode. He has nothing he can contribute to the thread, but he HAS to insert his Inane babble into the thread. It is like someone taps out the first part of "Shave and a Haircut" and Yonnie's little head is going crazy, he can't hold back any longer... He has to...

So, Thanks for the insane rant once again. Can you find any more good material Yonnie? That part about the "Advanced Roll Cage Construction" for a tool box was really funny. Maybe you can get all made and start ranting like crazy again.

Just throwing a few ideas out for you, I know you can be under a lot of pressure to be as funny as you usually are. Looking forward...

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