Re: what type of video card?

Sorry I didn't reply sooner here - busy.
The Quadro cards are pretty good, although not really the latest. We have
been running several 900XGLs & one 980XGL and have been quite pleased with
them. With them not being the latest, you might find a pretty good used
As far a RAM, more is better. When you think about what happens on the
screen when you zoom, rotate, select, etc., it takes RAM to process that
information. The more you have, the better it will perform. Therefore, it
becomes an issue of balancing the amount of $ you have to spend vs. the
amount of performance you require. Note I didn't say desire, you have to
decide what you are willing to pay and then look for the best deal.

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> news:
> > Radeon cards generally don't work very well for SW. Look for nVidia > > FX500,
> > or something along that line. Or, the ATI FireGL cards appear to work ok.
> > You just have to decide how much you want to spend based on how you will > > use
> > SW.
> >
> What do you think about cards with QUADRO processor?
> ...and about RAM? 128Mb are enough or better 256?
> Thank you.
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"Wayne Tiffany" ha scritto nel messaggio news:
Ok, thanks! RAY
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