Renaming parts and losing equations

Hello everyone, I've been a troll around here for awhile now and I have never noticed a post about this particular problem. Whenever I have equations defined within an assembly and need to rename the parts and/or assembly in the assembly using the Solidworks Explorer, the equations no longer work. This causes unspeakable headaches for me and I curse Solidworks whenver I need to do this. Does anyone know of a way to make this work? Thanks, Barry Weber CAD Designer/Engineering Mgr. American Delphi

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Barry Weber
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I recall this happening to me also. It seems that when updating the database with the new name SW forgot to include the Equations. It would be much easier to catch working directly in SW instead of SWExplorer. Then you could go into the equation as soon as it fails and update the failed name. Wish I had a better answer though


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Corey Scheich

I use assembly equations all the time and I've never had a problem with renaming the assembly or parts.

If you have equations in an assembly, you need to do a "Save As..." from within SW's. Give it a new name for the new assembly. This will keep you equations working and it will update the equations.

If you also have parts in that assembly that will be changing names, you need to go into the "References" button on the "Save As..." dialog box and "check off" which files will be changing names and then give them a new name in that dialog box. You can also change the path or directory of where you want the new file located.


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Richard Charney

Don't waste your time. There is no way to do this. That is why I NEVER use equations in assemblies. Instead do it with reference geometry or a design table. I have posted a more detailed response to this posted somewhere here and also at the SW forum at

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if you're interested in more of my ranting and work-arounds.

Ken Bolen

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