Viewing solidworks parts/drawings on a Mac

I need to send some solidworks files to a client using a Mac. Has anyone ever done this successfully? What is the most painfree method.



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Kev Parkin
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I use both a Mac & a PC and have done it numerous ways:

  1. I use screen shots to transfer solids views by themselves, usually jpg.

  1. Indeed you can use an image or images & text in a pdf file, even D size drawings.

  2. I translate drawings into dxf files when the person can use that format.

  1. If they have a 3D solid modeler, I can use one of the compatible formats SolidWorks can Save As.

  2. For sending eDrawings, the Mac user needs to install Virtual PC on the Mac (not on the G5s yet), and then download the SolidWorks viewer.

There are some other things that can be done on the web, but I've not used them, though SolidWorks can post manipulatable solids so web browsers can see them.


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Bo Clawson

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