Transparency in a drawing document ?

In my Assemby I have set some of the parts as transparency by: Component properties ->Color ->Advance ->Transparency

When I insert the assemby into my Drawing Document, all the transparency parts get "normal"

Can a part not be transparency in a drawing document ?

SW-2001 sp4

Thanks Dennis

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If you set your parts to a color in the transparent palette of the color swatch property manager they will show up transparent in a drawing.

In the color property manager under favorite click the down arrow near standard and select transparent. Apply a color to the part or face or feature etc. If you go to the drawing and hit shaded mode the area or part you applied the transparent color to will be transparent.

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Rob Rodriguez

Works fine for me. SW2004 sp1.0

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As Rob sais You need to have the views in shaded mode, if this is not the case You need to show the parts behind with hidden edges visible.


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Krister L

Another way to represent an item as transparent (or as a reference item) in a drawing is to select the item and change it's linetype to thin phantom in the drawing.

Merry :-)

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Merry Owen

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