Drawing dim precision fluctuating/overriding document settings?

Been awhile since I posted, reviewed the archives and can't find my issue there either. Anyway... (sorry so long)

Just installed 2005 from SW 2003 version (skipped 2004) running Windows 2000 SP4

Drawing has dual dimensions (primary mm 2 plcs and secondary Inches 3 plcs) set in the document settings. All of the dimensions are created (driven)in the drawing. As the feature merits I have to use a tighter tolerance value (per title block) I tag a single dimension and bring up the properties for that dim. Change the precision to mm 3plcs and inch 4 plcs, then accept by saying okay (also tried apply and then okay). Looks okay, but if I tag another dim the mm jumped to 4 or 5 plcs the inch stayed at 3 plcs. I bring up my Options settings for the document and see that my "Global" precision for the primary units has changed. The global setting doesn't even match the decimal places of the dim precision that was changed, like it was adding one more places to the changed dim precision or something like that. Why is the document settings being changed by a local dim precision change? This is repeatable on other machine/setups.

Has been RX'd to our VAR but they usually aren't any help.

I've also seen dims all of a sudden show parenthesis even thuogh it is not set as a document default.

(SW 2005 installed with no Virus protection activated)

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I have verified the problem and reported it in SPR 238427. You will be notified when the issue is resolved.

Thank you for contacting SolidWorks Technical Support.

VAR response!

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