Render PTFE Part

Need help from a PhotoWorks Guru!!!

Trying to model a PTFE fitting and just can't get it right.

I am using indirect illumination, but can't get any specular highlights. Tried adding a spotlight, but it just brightens the rendering, but doesn't add any highlights.

Played with all available options but just can't get it to work.

Any tips?



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Check out this link. It may help you out.

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Rock Guy

White or translucent materials are difficult to do so it's not a easy answer, imho. Even if I gave you an example it would be difficult to match in your scene.

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I'll try to show an example but just now I see something is not right with PW or SW2005 sp2, crashing constantly!?

In the meanwhile, Is the material a custom, your own settings or stock? Are you using the "Translucent Plastic" for illumination? For the spotlight highlight, did you increase the secularity and reduce the brightness and turn off the shadows?


CAD Guy wrote:

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Paul Salvador

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