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Dear Group,

I wish to do a simple rendering of an assembly for use in a report. What I want is a prettier version of what I see on the screen (e.g. white background an different colored parts).

When I render using PhotoWorks I get a decent model, but it's all the same color.

I have save successfully as JPG and TIF but the result isn't that good looking. The best I have been able to produce is when I save as PDF: The model is beautiful, but I can't see all of it and there doesn't seem to be an option to change the size of it.

I hope you can help me out!



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Under PWx options (the last icon, which we refer to as the 'hand of god'): Systems options tabs Select 'use SoldiWorks materials' (that's int he middle of the list.

This will apply your Swx colors for each part to the rendering of those parts, using the default material if no material is applied or, of course, any materials you've applied to parts.

That is, unless your defualt material or applied material is a texture (a material made from a picture) - when you do that, the results that I got from a quick test were quite odd. Hope this is what youw ere looking for. Ed

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