Sketch Fillet tool ...... Is it just Me?

I've just been using 2007 SP3.1 as usual - just sketching away, then,
I needed to add some fillets, I've not noticed it before but when I
double clicked on the Sketch Fillet icon it did not stay locked on.
I can add a fillet to a corner but the tool de-selects and I have to
re-select it to add another fillet, I'm sure it used to stay locked
The Sketch Chamfer tool operates as normal - click once it lets you
chamfer a corner, then it de- selects
- double click and you can keep chamfering corners until you have done
- without having to re- select.
Is it some thing I've selected or de-selected in error - or is my
installation FUBAR
Anyone know a quick fix without re-installing or moving to SP4?
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When you click on the toolbar button, look at the PM box. Make sure the Pin is activated. Then it should work just fine.
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Wayne Tiffany
Thanks Wayne,
I didn't even give the Pin thing a thought!
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