Sluggish Solidworks

I need help livening up my solidworks performance.

I'm running SW 2005 sp 3.0. with a Radeon 9600, AMD Athlon 64 2.4ghz,

4gb ram, Windows XP pro SP 2.

For starters, SW 2005 with 4gb is a lot more sluggish than SW 2004 with

1gb memory. I notice this most when I try to rotate views.

Both SW 2005 and SW 2004 run slower with the /3gb switch enabled, but SW

2005 slows to a crawl. My times for ship in a bottle: SW 2005 /3gb: 46 seconds for 10 rebuilds SW 2004 /3gb: 35 seconds for 50 rebuilds SW 2005: 30 seconds for 50 rebuilds SW 2004: 30 seconds for 50 rebuilds

I had a similar problem when I "upgraded" my video driver, I had to roll back to the old driver.

Any ideas?


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John Kimmel
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The first and most obvious problem is that you are using a gamming card to do 3D CAD. You need to get a fully certified video card before, but if not make sure that your driver version is 8.121-050322a per the SolidWorks site.

There are also a lot of atricles where people are having problems with XP SP2 and AMD 64.

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Can you provide a link to these articles?


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get rid of the radeon card. It's the bottleneck.


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The first step is to find out whether it is you or SW. To do this run some benchmarks. You will find some benchmarks at:

formatting link
Post your results here. STAR2.1 should be sufficient to tell whether your system is up to snuff as the video card is out of the loop for that test. If you get good STAR result and not so good SIB results then you probably are looking at a decent CAD video card in the future. Also run Patbench at 12 iterations and watch task manager. If SW crashes at around 2.6 Gb or more then your 3Gb switch is working.

First baseline your system. Then go through it using a guide like XPTC (which can be found with Google). Benchmark again to see what improvements may have occured.

I will say that SW2005 benchmarks quite a bit slower than 2004 > I need help livening up my solidworks performance.

Also post SIB results using the procedure found at the above website. It will help determine whether it is video card or something else.

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Glad I'm not one of them. 2004, 2005 and 2006 all run fine on my setup.

Here is a list of problems after one year:

  1. Bad power supply (replaced on warranty)
  2. Over heated RAM ( fan to fix, no sticks actually went bad) after installing 2GB in addition to the 2Gb already there. This required reinstalling XP because the RAM flaked out and corrupted some things that couldn't be healed. SP2 was installed with the clean install.
  3. We did have lots of problems with a Dell when SP2 installed itself.

Note that 1 and 2 were very difficult to diagnose. With 3 we haven't heard a peep from Dell. Moral of the story, there are lots of problems in the world and 50% of them have the MSoft logo attached to them.

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John Kimmel

"SWX-VAR-JP" wrote in news:

This is beautiful. I love to see VAR employees who think they're hot sh_t paint a big old target on themselves and run around, This is the kind of thing that only someone who doesn't run an AMD 64 with XP sp2 would say. Clueless and uninformed.

Also, VARs like to point out graphics card issues, Its the one thing they do. Throw enough sh_t and some of it is liable to stick. Keep calling any random problem a video card problem and you'll eventually be right.

Go do a sales demo, var-boy.


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This is really weird because it appears you are responding to a message that is over a year old. This really old thread mentions the Radeon card.


Anna Wood

FlowerPot wrote:

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Anna Wood

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Ok, that's funny, Must be my suck-ass newsreader.It looks like it takes threads of the same name and just gloms them together. Or maybe its my suck-ass news server. My fault in the end for not reading the date I guess, but I never read the date.

Thanks for the heads up.


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