Solidworks crash while printing--anyone know of fixes? Real fixes?

We've been having print crashes very regularly since our adoption of
SolidWorks 2008 64 bit.
No other program in our lineup crashes while printing.
I did a thorough search on the newsgroup hoping to at least hear from
others with this problem but it seems like no posts regarding this
have been made.
There is a hot fix that says it addresses this issue. It does not.
Our systems run Vista 64 Business.
We're on SP 5 of SW2008.
If anyone has some insight on this I'd really appreciate it.
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Matt Schroeder
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What kind of printer and what driver are you using? Does it crash 100% of the time?
I've run into a similar problem using the HP Universal Print Driver to a HP Laserjet 1320n. The workaround was to use a PCL driver for the specific printer.
Hope this helps.
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John-- Thanks for the reply!
We are using 5200tn printers. It does not crash 100% of the time.
It seems to crash even before communicating any large amount of data to the printer. If it is going to crash it seems to either crash upon hitting print--immediately, like in a split second, or if you are lucky enough to get into the print dialog box, when you hit page setup, again immediate crash.
We are not using unified drivers--this is the same answer we have gotten from our VAR. We have tried PS and PCL drivers with little to no difference. We are using and always have been using PCL drivers except when we experimented with PS drivers.
This almost for certain is a SolidWorks issue. NO other programs have and issues with the 5200tn printers.
Thanks again, and I'd like to hear more ideas you might have.
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Matt Schroeder

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