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Does anyone know if the most recent SWX viewer program will run well on a
Vista laptop ? Specifically - be able to show SWX2007 files ? Thanks.
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there is a special vista viewer but i believe it is only available to subscription users. and it is still in Beta 2. in fact all of the SWx 2007 vista is in beta 2. no production release for vista until 2008 release or later.
note to SolidWorks Corp.: only a few computer vendors have WinXP available and it is only on high end systems. i am in contact with MSoft to see if i can downgrade vista license to XP32 and they state that they can not do OTS systems that you can buy at local computer store. so unless you are going to schell out the big bucks for a Dell or similar, the common user is stuck with Vista. so we need a vista version of this SolidWorks that is released, real soon. yesterday to be factual becuase the common joe is stuck with Vista OS.
forward progression is great, but not when there is only one is moving forward. iQ
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Vista is progress?? For whom? Big media companies, maybe, but from what I've read, definitely not for CAD stations.
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