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Can someone please take care of the spam flowing into the group.

We need to moderate each single message. I can understand it is a hectic job but we need to do it now.

Deepak Gupta SW2009 SP3.0 SW2007 SP5.0

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"=EF=80=A0Please consider the environment before printing this email."

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Deepak Gupta
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Deepak, The group is unmoderated. It cannot be moderated. OTOH Most usenet servers do block much spam. Sadly you are using Google Groups which is not a Usenet server and does not block major spam sources.

If you switched to a real Usenet server & used real Usenet client software you would probably see far less real spam.

Do you consider all that stuff spam?


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Nobody really cares anymore, it's only Cliff and Jon left here, followed and commented by somer other cam-folks. SolidWorks issues is the least You will find comments about today

// Krister

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Just post. But most went to high-speed connections & BBS systems for graphics & files .... or remain using Google Groups ... .

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