Surface Fillets, SldWks 2003, haphazard terminology

I'd just about given up trying to fillet surfaces on a yacht hull I'm currently modelling, because I kept getting the remarkably cryptic message "Laminar edges cannot be filleted".

Then, just in time, I remembered that this decodes something like:

(Normally in my experience they have already been knitted, so I have seldom encountered this problem - at least, not when I had time to find out what it meant)

The only place laminar edges are mentioned anywhere in On-line Help is in relation to hold lines for face fillets. The Surface Fillet help item simply says, down the bottom where you never read: NOTE: Make sure that the edges you select have two attached faces. You should knit adjacent surfaces prior to filleting. "Laminar edges; attached faces, knitted surfaces" -- why do we need all these different ways of saying the same thing?

Too often, the error messages in SolidWorks, by confusing use of language, create the impression that the software cannot do what you need it to do, rather than prompting you how to get this to happen.

I'd mention this to SolidWorks' Help documentation manager, but (unless a certain somewhat defensive gentleperson has moved on) trying this in the past has been a frustrating and unproductive experience. SO: I thought I should at least mention this in a post here, as a search of Google Groups revealed that this question had not previously been raised.

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Yep, it's a good point.

They could have added this to the error: "Stitch or use Face Fillet"


Andrew Troup wrote:

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Paul Salvador

oops,.. "Knit or use Face Fillet"


Paul Salvador wrote:

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Paul Salvador

remarkably cryptic message

I hear you! But at least that message gives you some kind of clue. My favorite is "the operation failed dued to geometric condition". That's a big help!

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