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Relatively new user (6 months). Sometimes I have trouble seeing into large assemblies without hiding/suppressing surrounding parts. Has anyone ever written down the settings they use to get the most of all we pay for video cards and, of course, the software. We don't get allot of tweaking time. Joel

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A tip for you, Joel . . . when you want to see inside an assembly without a lot of the confusion that results from wireframe, right-click on a part that isn't in the way of the view you want and choose Edit Part (in shaded mode). If you have used a number of different colors for different parts you'll find that you can easily distinguish between features in one part as compared to features in another part.


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This may be more of a pain than it is worth but you could also add a light inside your assembly to better illuminate the parts inside. Use a spotlight and position it using the cartesian coordinates. until you get the desired results. You can then turn it on and off as you wish. I created a tool for previewing hidded and suppressed parts in an assembly, if you wish to continue to hide parts arround what you are viewing it could help you locate them in the tree to set the right ones back to resolved. Just ask.

Corey Scheich

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there's also a nifty macro/program called 'TransX' which changes piece part transparency on-the-fly. It was created by SolidXperts, a Canadian reseller group.

If you like I can zip/email it to you; but you won't need it with SW2004; just rmb the assembly part and do 'change transparency' then drill down to the part you need to see. if you edit in context, SW2003 will automatically change transparency based on your option settings (percentage slide bar).

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