SW 2008

I am hearing all this stuff about a new user interface with 08
version. Did they change all the dialogue boxes and commands? Just
trying to find out how much will have to be learned over. Do I need
to buy a new book?
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Billy, when I saw the new interface I thought wtf?
BUT, only after a day of using it, it's Great!
DO read the "what's new" PDF file and try out the examples, there is some good enhancements.
The mate one's are a real time saver and also make mates easier the read.
Have fun!
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I too like the new interface. It is slower though and I get about one crash a day Monty
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I like the ipod copy, in Solidworks explorer, lol View an assembly and the top viewing window spins the documents in that assembly when you move the slide bar, very cool!
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