SW 2009 and Seven 64?

It's in the title: I could not find if SW 2009 is Seven 64 compatible. Is
Any hints? Any experiences?
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Jean Marc
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SW 2009 with W7 is not supported. On 32 or 64. I do know a couple of people that were running it, before SW2010 came out, and it was fairly smooth. Do you not have access to 2010?
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Grant Heidelberg
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Currently on '06
We are upgrading our hardware (+pdm). Other plants are on '09, we have to keep homogeneity.
I.T. is going for XP64. (Hum)
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Jean Marc
We are running SW 2009 on W7-64. It is running OK. Installation of SW09 sp0 from disk is normal, then the update manager warns that SW2009 is not supported on W7 and terminates. This warning can be by-passed by running the update manager in compability mode (e.g. Vista).
"Jean Marc"
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