SW- Drawing Font Issue - Easy One for the Guru's out there

How do I set the font for dimensions added manually in a drawing to
the same "darkness" as an automatic dimension?
Example: Use automated dimensions to generate ordinate dimensions (or
any other type) and dimensions come out fine (per dimension font).
Go and change geometry and add a single hole. RMB to "Add ordinate"
dimension and dimension new hole.
Problem: The new dimensions are "lighter" in colour than the original
ones. Printing the SW drawing is no problem. However, when generating
a PDF of the SW drawing the "shade" of the font is displayed in the
I always used SW drawings so it hasn't been an issue. Must now use
I need dimensions to be the same no matter how they were "created".
I remember changing this way back in 2000 or 2001. Can't for the life
of me figure out how I did it.
Any suggestions?
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Tools, options, colors, dimensions etc. You can set any type of dimension color here. I think that will take care of you.
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Just create a new layer in Your template, call it dimension or something like that and keep the color black. Activate it whenever You insert dimensions.
// Krister
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