Taxing times again

For the US only ....

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[ GUARANTEE If the 2005 Tax and Financial Guide for Engineers & Architects does not save you an extra $300 or more on your taxes, your money will be refunded when the book is returned within 30 days. ]

Don't miss your loopholes, such as: [ SUV Loophole If you drive a substantial amount for business (say, for commuting at an out-of-town job), an incredible loophole is open to you. For example, based on full-time usage, you can deduct up to 100% of the cost of an SUV (up to $102,000) in just the first year. But you must buy a large SUV or Pick-Up to take advantage of this tax break. ] It's not too late to buy that Hummer ..

[ Important 2004 Tax Changes Congress passed 3 separate tax acts of special interest to Engineers and Architects. Together, these tax acts have produced the largest tax reduction in decades. ]

I recommend this book. Each year it's published anew.

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I guess this makes Kyoto out for you guys then..

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"Those guys" need Kyoto like a fish needs an aqualung .... well, oxygen, anyhow....

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Andrew Troup

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Yeah, I'm pissed we have to thank Putin for that...

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Jean Marc BRUN

In the UK the only Tax break I have found for PAYE (thats Pay As You Earn) staff is to claim the 'engineering tax allowance' its hardly worth anything but you can claim it back over the last 5 years. It only applies to engineers, I dont think the job titles designer, drautsman qualify. regards Ken

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Ken Carpenter

You can thank politicians much closer to home for that, Chirac in particular. France made sure that there were lots of inducements for the Russians to sign. The Russians got very large CO2 allowances that they can sell.

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems "take the garbage out, dear"

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Jerry Steiger

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much closer to home for that, Chirac in

Good, at least Kyoto is sure to live.

You have good reasons to burn as much oil that you can, I have other ones to save it: I am sick to see the glaciers in the Alps shrinking. One a few hours hike from my home village lost 70% of its surface in 20 years. Man it was a great day going pick up Genepi there. Now it is black and ugly.

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Jean Marc BRUN

Since the days of the first Nuclear submarines 50% of the thickness of the Arctic icecap has been lost, as well as much of it's surface area. Global warming is much worse than the average computer model predicted a few years ago.

Soon there will be a Northwest passage.

Will there still be a Gulf Stream? Where?

Global sea levels are starting to rise rapidly. This may well be a geometric process, up to it's limiting factors, now.

The oceans may be dying in many important places as well .. and that's where ~90% of the Oxygen comes from .... and the CO2 gets recycled. Or used to.

Don't forget that higher CO2 means lower O2 ..... and either means dumber people. Probally good for fundies & wingers though. Their superstition will save them so it matters little what they do today, right?

But buy the tax book anyway . If nothing else, it will help you plan for next tax season a bit better. It's well worth the cost IMHO. IF you can read .....


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"Cliff" a écrit dans le message de news:

LOL (bitter), so true... I wonder what the world I borrowed from my children will be when I'll be gone. As for the book, sorry I would not know what to do with. I only have 4 or 5 lines to fill on my tax form. The only deduction I will get is 20 Eu for filling it up online.

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Jean Marc BRUN

The fundies, wingers & neocons say that there is no global warming, that it's a liberal science plot against them.

But if it's true anyway they can use the "nuclear winter" thingie to fix it just by nuking a few deserts (the dust is from burning cities, crops and forests but they don't know that nor care that there is fallout in that dust) which would probably be good anyway (we all know the nuclear is energy and thus it will increase the octane of the oil, right?).

After that, their "god" will just make more oil for them, just like last time ..

Sorry about that then. In the US the rich now pay a lower total percentage of their income as taxes than the poor, thanks to the new prophet in charge (I'm counting the employer's share of Social Security taxes and all other concealed taxes on wages and *minimum survival expenses*). Lots of new regressive flat taxes too, like higher food, medical & energy prices. Not to mention lower wages (in US$) and fewer, if any, benefits to begin with.

Not even Russia is supporting the US dollar these days .... and many nations are switching from US Dollars to Euros.

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