Torsion Spring Configurations

I'm looking for a method to create configurations for a torsion spring with custom ends - free, closed, and extended positons.

I've been trying to modify the spline to different turn count (end angle) but this method seems to apply to all configurations.

Is this possible without creating 3 unique parts and substituting them into assemblies as required? Is there a good tutorial on this subject?

I'm using SW2007 SP2.2.

Any advice is appreciated. Sheldon

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I have two torsion spring models posted.

"" is a straight torsion spring with multiple positions.

"" contains a conical torsion spring with multiple positions.

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You can't make config-specific edits to the spline by using "edit feature", but you CAN do it if you display the part dimensions and then edit the individual dimensions.

I don't know why SWX has this limitation, and it's a complete pain because the dimensions of the helix get displayed all jumbled up, and if you move them into sensible locations, they just snap back again next rebuild.

Anyway, it is possible and I do use it for springs. Keep in mind that a torsion spring lengthens when you wind it up......

John H

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John H

Here is one trick I've used on springs (or anything else which deforms in it's normal function).

Depending one why or want you want to represent by the spring (I wanted to show the spring's size and maximum and minimum extension or compressions), this may work for you and it looks good in drawings (someone would have to know what to look at to see the fakeness of this procedure).

Model just half of the spring plus a little more. Then create an assembly with two of that halved model. Mate it in three configurations with a max, a min and a free floating (or a limit to better representation). Then insert that assembly model in your main assembly and ensure it's a flexible assembly.

That's it! I know it's cheating, but I'm the only one who knows (well you too now).


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Keith Streich

Thanks Keith,

This is a really good idea for working in assemblies. This should function like a normal hinge. This should solve my problem



Keith Streich wrote:

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