UNC path and absolute path

We have some assemblies with some parts referenced using the UNC path (//server/foldername/filename) and some with absolute path (J:/foldername/filename), I dont know why . Recently i remapped J: as G: and had trouble opening the assembly. Does any one know why some files have UNC path and other absolute.? Any help is appreciated. Thanks GK

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It depends on how the user browsed to the component when it was added to the assembly. Interestingly, if you add a component via its UNC path and then add a second copy using its mapped drive letter, they both appear as using the UNC path.

What's the general opinion of this forum of UNC vs mapped drives? I'm sure I read something a while back saying that UNC was the way to go, but that seems the wrong approach to me. The obvious beauty of the mapped drive is that you can change the physical location of the data without breaking any links.

Regards, John H

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John H

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