Unclear Error Message-what am I doing wrong?

"Dimensions have been set to read only by assembly: OldAssemblyName. It
appears that the assembly OldAssemblyName was renamed to this assembly:
Would you like to reset all the equations of this assembly to indicate that
they were set to read only by NewAssemblyName?" Yes or No?
Seems like selecting yes and then saving should prevent this error message
from recurring, but I get it everytime I open the file... How do I
PERMANENTLY reset the equations?
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Geez. Sounds like the rev-in-filename bit you. Should have included assembly equations in my list of reasons why I stopped using that method.
I assume you get this message in a part file? I assume also that the part has dims that are controlled by an equation in an assembly?
Did you try opening the assembly with the part and making sure all the dimension names were updated in the equations? I would start there and then save the assembly.
Other than that, I don't know. best of luck to you.
"Michael" wrote in news:n9vTb.27554$ snipped-for-privacy@twister.nyroc.rr.com:
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you could be right about the "rev in filename"... but it's the problem has magically gone away since I posted the message, so I couldn't say for sure...
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