Unfrag / ecoSqueeze ANY problems?

Hi all,

I'v been using unfrag for allmost as long as I remember and EcoSqueeze has been installed as it came out (made the explorer shell extension to it also!)

In Last place, that I worked in, we used the unfrag on daily (or should I say nightly) basis... and had no problems at all with it...

... now my question to you "Groupies":

Have you had any (and I mean ANY) problems with these both software. I'm planning to introduce the unfrag to the IT experts here, but I really would like to be sure!

EcoSqueeze is OK, but with the files that we use daily basis it does not give any more value compared to unfrag...

Greets Arto

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Arto Kvick
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I have been using Unfrag many times daily on different folders as I work for at least 4 years now. I have never had any problems.

However, I am sure that it will be said eventually, SW does not recommend these products.....

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Seth Renigar

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