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Can anyone comment or contradict the information in this article:

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Primarily the chart down lower in the article on Seat Sales for Solidworks and the "other guys".


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Bill Coleman
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During that period Autodesk gave away allot of Inventor licenses in the far east, And sold licenses to exsisting customers for practically nothing. They did this precisely so they could publish articles like this without stretching the truth too thin. The numbers bear this out as a seat of Inventor retails for five grand, and a seat of Solidworks for about four. Solidworks has held a couple of very limited sales promotions, but by and large, everyone pays retail

So don't be fooled into thinking Inventor is better because of these claims, it's all BS. Inventor is an OK package for designing machines, but it's still several years behind Solidworks in every area.



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I can tell you this in my area the Milwaukee Wisconsin area no one (well very few) is using Inventor. I have been off for the last two months and I have one head hunter that has been trying to find someone with Inventor experience for almost 4 months. So either there are many people are using Inventor here but no one is laid off (yeah right) or no one uses it.


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Ken Maren

If Autodesk is selling more $5,000 seats than SW is selling $4,000 seats why is Autodesk revenue that much lower?. Only one reason comes to mind. Autodesk gives away a lot of Inventor seats, sometime bundled with ACAD. If that is the case then a lot of the socalled Inventor sales are not sales on Inventor's merits.

If I had a buck for every person I knew who told me, "Well we got Inventor with ACAD, but we don't use it." I would be pretty well off.

PTC got in trouble with the SEC for misstating this kind of information. Maybe it is AutoDesk's turn.

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Anyone please correct me if any of the below is wrong.

The numbers are correct

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Steve Tietz

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