universal 0,0,0 in sWorks

i'm importing solids from another solid modeller, basically a model of
planet earth.
some of the assumptions i used in the previous modelling effort, i
ALWAYS used 0,0,0 or 50,0,0 as a center for the spherical surface i
used as a tool to shape the solids. (no pear-shaped earth, in this
case, just a spherical geometry.)
in trying to re-assemble these solids in sWorks, i had the impression,
from limited training and from something an applications eng'r. told
me, that there is no "universal 0,0,0" in sWorks.
now that's perfectly fine, i can work without a universal 0,0,0.
BUT ... HOWEVER ... i just imported a solid and used the point-face
method for adding an axis. put construction lines on those axes, then
tried a "trim" to see if the lines intersected to define a center.
MUCH TO MY SURPRISE ... the lines in one case did intersect. at the
little "XY" icon. zooming in over and over again, it's not just close.
it's a dead-nuts bulls-eye.
so somehow the center of a solid from the other program has ended up at
the "XY" icon in the 3D sketch mode.
so, is there a universal 0,0,0 in sWorks ?
just now i tried to find a "user input line" to type in 0,0,0 for a
point when i'm in 3D sketch. didn't find anything.
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There is a universal 0,0,0 in SW. Has been forever. It is located at the origin. In addition the Front Plane XY axes are the global XY axes and using the right hand rule you can get the Z axis.
You will not be able to model the earth at 1:1 scale because SW does have a limit of a 1km diameter sphere if I am not mistaken. It might be a 1km cube centered on the origin.
This is one reason why a lot of people center their models on the origin.
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The limits are 1000 meters - about 0.6213711 miles or 39370.07874016 inches
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