*what* toolbox browser?

You must be in an assembly file, it has a bolt icon in the upper tabs of the feature tree, right of configurations tab.
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Keith Streich
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hi all,
i'm getting up and running, want to thank everyone
for their quick feedback these past few posts.
i'm trying to figure out as much from the help files
as i can before make'n any calls. (maybe this is
a call?)
how do i get to the toobox browser?
Toolbox menu gives me Grooves, Bearings, Beams,
Struct., Cams.. then AddMyParts and Browser Configuration.
help files say "drag the part you want from the browser"
(more or less)... but i can't figure out how to open/view
the browser. both of the add-ins are loaded.
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now i feel like i spelled potatos with an 'e' (i kept thinking it would be in the text menus) thanks -tony
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You may want to do a search on toolbox parts before inserting too many of them into your assemblies. I am a novice with it myself, but there is an issue with opening up an assembly from an archive and having your fasteners go `blooey' because it doesn't know which configuration to reference.
I think the cure is to enable the save copies to a specified folder every time you use one. Then make sure that folder is available when opening up archives. (and backed up regularly-of course.)
Matt had some pertinent posts on this subject.
Good Luck.
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