Which Service pack ??

Can anybody tell me which SP of solidworks can be used best?
Always the latest one (now 2.1)???
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sp2.1 is really the only usable one. sp0 was fairly stabel, but many people had plotting problems and there was some sort of hole wizard/toolbox problem. sp1 was total garbage.
2.1 has been pretty good for me.
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John Kreutzberger
You never can tell. The best way to know how they rate is to try them out. If you would rather not be a guinea pig, then you need to follow this group carefully to see what kind of problems people are seeing. You still may be the first one to find a serious bug.
We've been fairly happy with 2.1.
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems
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Jerry Steiger
Don't know why, but I was talking to my VAR the other day and they recommended NOT going to SP2.1 (currently on 1.0). They said that they would wait for SP3.0 due out the first week in March. They claim it is supposed to be "very robust".
Aren't they all supposed to be?!?!?
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Seth Renigar

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