Automatic wire stripper

My automatic wire stripper is wearing out, and I would like a better one
for small hook-up wires. I have found two units online that say they
will strip 22-28 gauge wires [mine was rated for 10-18 gauge]. They are
a Gardner-Bender stripper and the QuikStrip [which comes in a two-pack
with regular size and mini strippers]. Can anyone comment on a good unit
for stripping hook-up wire?
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Sounds like it is time for some new cutters for your stripper. Quality strippers do have replacable parts and you can usually get them from the manufacturer or one of the places that sells the strippers. Gardnee is a quality manufacturer (or, has been) and you should be able to get the replacable parts from them.
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Bob May
There is.
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Mountain Goat
Ideal has a design (Stripmaster) that we have used for years and still do. Never found anything better.
They are available in 2 mechanical sizes and each has an assortment of interchangeable blades available.
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L.Hamilton Silkitis
Radio Shack has an "imitation" version that's ok with a little fine tuning. DS
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L.Hamilton Silkitis

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