Bachmann Amtrak Spectrum Acela train set any good?

How good is this set and is 200 dollars a good price for this set? I am new to collecting here, and from what I have read on this set it is one of the fastest ho sets available it says it reaches scale speeds of over 150mph. nay feedback you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated thx derek

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The Acela by Bachmann is a good, average train set. It's in the Spectrum line, which is Bachmann's better product. Decent moldings, decent mechanism. List price is $325. Trainworld offers it at $170 plus s&h.

Scale speeds of 150 scale mph are not uncommon. In fact, the trick is to limit speeds to prototypical maximums (generally around 60-100mph, depending on the service for which the lcoco was designed.) The protoype Acela is capable of speeds in excess of 150mph, if the track is built for it.


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Wolf Kirchmeir

It's a good set. Not great, but it is good. Definitely one of Bachmann's better products in the last 20 years. As to the speed...I've seen faster (mostly cheap junk locos, however). I see the real Acelas just about every day outside my window, and the Bachmann model does a good job at emulating it. I'd have to clock it to see what the real top speed is (or check out the review in an older "Model Railroader" magazine). Try searching here:

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Click on "By Keyword", type in "Acela", and print out the resulting list. Take this list to train shows, libraries, or local train clubs to see if they have the review issue ("Model Railroader", June 2001, page 16) for sale.

Oh, and you can get more cars and locos for the Acela to get two powered units and the prototypical consist.

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