BLi Blue Line vs QSI sound

It is said that QSI Sound is the best solution on market. I have some models
with QSI and they sound very well.
Now I am thinking about buying BLi SD40 and AC6000CW. Is anybody here who
own these models? What about Blue Line sounds? Which solution is better -
QSI or Blue Line?
BLi sells AC6000CW either wich QSI or Blue Line and I am not sure which
version is better.
QSI is more expensive but has DCC decoder on board. Blue Line requires
additional DCC decoder so the cost is rather similiar.
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I like the QSI sounds (in general), and I like the feature set (things like braking with F7, etc.). The Blue Line sounds are OK, but since all I've heard have been the SD40-2's, that's a short sample to pick from. The major pain-in-the-ass with Blue Line is programming them with DCC. You have the sound decoder and the motor decoder, and each one needs to be programmed separately by locking out the other one (or, if you get lucky, you can Ops Mode it, and get both at the same time...but that doesn't always work). IMHO, if you have DCC, and a choice between Blue Line and Broadway (QSI), get the Broadway (QSI). The money saved is not worth the added aggravation.
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