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At a small train show I saw and heard a BMI Mike in action. This was my first exposure and reaction was excellent. However at an advertised price of under $200 I'm a little skeptical. Would appreciate comments from owners regarding especially operation an durability. Are you satisfied?

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Don't forget that the Mikes are from their Powerhouse (entry level) line, which hasn't been out that long - not a lot to compare it to. However, if BLI swears that the mechanisms are the same and only the level of detail is lower (it's hard to tell from the descriptions on their website), then, I suppose a general comment about the durability of their Paragon line would be helpful...

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Frank Eva

I have a NYC Hudson, three friends have PRR M1's. So far everyone is extremely pleased. I have a Powerhouse 2-8-2 on order, but not seen one. One friend has a DC layout and still is happy with the engine. The others have DCC layouts and, after some adjustments of the decoder settings (mostly sound) are also very happy.

Durability? That's a question that still has to play out...


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DRGW482 (DRGW482) wrote in news:

I just bought a USRA Heavy 2-8-2, lettered for the Frisco. (Damn! The hobby is already out of hand, and I haven't even gotten a pike built yet!) All that I have been able to do is run it on a six-foot test track using DC, but, so far, it has performed according to claims. As for durability, that we will have to all look at in a year or two.

Woodard Springstube

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Woodard R. Springstube

I have one lettered for the Milwaukee Road. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact it is numbered for the original sequence and my time period is for the renumbeing period. Gene ABV61-1043.001.HCB

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