"Brad" like Bigfoot? Thinks it is real

Since we have a new troll here in Brad, I did a search and found he is the founder of Bigfoot research and a true believer. Now that makes me take him really seriously now. NOT.

He also is still waiting for the easter bunny and tooth fairly to arrive.

P.S. He also does nothing but wish illness on posters to his own group.

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snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com posted:

I just want to make sure I don't get mixed up with the other Brad here (unless you're talkin' about me, but I don't think you are since I don't wish illnesses on folks. I've started adding "fd64" (Flying Dragon 64) to my name at the end of posts to help identify who is who.

Also read a couple threads about the off-topic problem. I've been involved in some of those threads; not to play name calling and flame wars but attempts at intelligent discussions (whether or not I accomplished this is not for me to guess at). In my experience an occasional off-topic on a board is tolerated and even enjoyed if it has some substance. Still, mostly I guess due to Curt there is obviously way too much of it going on now. Though I've never got into a direct discussion with him, I'll commit to ignore any further comments about him and make effort to get back on topic.

As for the Christmas thread, I'll respond if there is any replies to my last posts but otherwise make an effort there as well to let that thread die out. Admittedly, some off-topics I find hard not to comment on. :)

~Brad fd64

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