Broken Fastrack

I'm experimenting with a small layout using Lionel's new Fastrack for my son.

After snapping different sections together/apart 2 or 3 times, several of the female tabs have "split open" on one side.

Has anyone else noticed this? Would this be a warranty/defect issue, or just a case of "plastic breaks"?

My son wants to be able to change his layout (like I did when I was his age) and I'm thinking good old O31 tube rail would hold up better.

Thanks Vincent

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Nothing like the good old Lionel tubular rail for lasting a long time. I doubt Lionel would warranty the breaks but even if they did it would just keep happening with the replacement rail. I would just buy the tubular and enjoy that. Thanks Marty Hall

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Marty Hall

FastTrack is a trackage system born wrong. Inspite of some unrealistic rail design I doubt that Lionel intends early failure. Sounds like bad plastic. If you can take it back to the dealer you should. Super K and Super Snap by K - Line are nice looking track for young ones and has a wider range of components available. Be sure to notify Lionel even if you do intend to switch to a differet track system.

Best Wishes


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