Columbia SC GATS...

Well that was a disappontment. Only about 15 vendors, with mostly standard
stuff. The prices weren't bad, tending between 15% - 25% below retail. The
5 layouts were okay, but again nothing spectacular, just pretty much farily
plain roundy roundy's. The Lionel layout did have a fair amount of their
powered accessories that the kids could power through buttons on the outer
I was surprised at how many of the vendors there were selling nothing but
stock from hobby shops that had gone out of business. Very little vintage
or brass to be found in HO, though there was a small amount of vintage and
antique tin and clockwork. Only one vendor had any European stuff at all,
none of it in great shape. One guy said he had decided NOT to sell at this
GATS because they were charging $70 a table! I was also amazed how many
blank looks I got from vendors when asking about Northeast corridor
electrics, interesting MOW equipment or any small switchers.
Crowd seemed small, probably less than 100 people there when we were there
and the mood seemed almost depressed.
Well at least we got a piece of MOW we needed and some nice research books
for not horrible (but not great) prices.
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Dale Kramer
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Like I always say, Dixie is not a hotbed of Model Railroad activity. South Carolina is a desert within a desert. Add to that the impression I have that GATS in in the crapper and you have the stage set for an underwhelming experience.
If you want to go to a good train show (in the USA) go to one that is in a city that has a major league baseball team. Work it out for yourself and you will see. The cities that have major league baseball teams are mostly the best model railroading cities. Atlanta, St Louis, Milwaukee, Denver, San Francisco, Philadelphia; think about it. American League cities are listed on another newsgroup:
.............F> Playball, GA.
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In article , by dropped his wrench, scratched his head and mumbled,
Week before last I was in Columbia. When it can time to leave, I cruised down to the RR station to train watch. Just as I was ready to leave a southbound CSX unit coal drag pulls up and stops. Since the train was parked next to the passenger shed, I walked forward toward the head end. As I approached the engines the engineer walked back and asked if I wanted to see the cab. We climbed aboard and talked about trains for about half an hour until he got a clear signal to the yard below.
Model railroading may be weak in Dixie, but the RR employees know how to treat a rail fan.
Bob -- The goal of driving is to miss the maximum possible number of objects.
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We had plans to hit the big Atlanta show, but one of my nephews decided that was a good weekend to get married. Gah, don't you hate being a responsible adult sometimes!
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Dale Kramer
As we were coming back from the show we got stopped at a crossing by a CSX coal consist. The strange thing was only 1/2 the cars seemed to have full loads. The whole rear 1/2 of hoppers didn't have any visible load. I'm used to the huge coal consists that come into Newport News and those are always piled high.
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Dale Kramer
I think there were a few more of us than that, but it was a smaller GATS. I guess you must have missed my tables. Ain't much standard about what I carry.
Although the N scale layout was small (they must be a new group) one of the modules - a rock quarry, was one of the best, most realistic I've seen in any scale. If you missed it, you missed a gem.
Hmmmm. Three tables AND electricity cost me $157 total.
Saturday morning was quite crowded, but both afternoons were small, as happens at any show. Trust me, I've seen worse.
Mike Tennent "IronPenguin"
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Mike Tennent
We were looking for HO so I must admit we skipped the N scale and large scale booths. About the time we got past the first couple layouts hubby was rushing me a bit to get home so I must have missed the detail on the N scale layout.
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Dale Kramer
Anyone going to have pics of this on line?
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E Litella

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