Foam sub roadbed advise needed

I need some advise Gang,
A plan change required ripping up track work over a spline sub roadbed. The
bench work is built lower where below the track scenery is needed except for
a shallow dry creek bed and some ditches. Since I'm redoing it anyway I
decided to just use foam over plywood for the whole thing. I noticed some
blue foam that looks like its about 1/2" thick at Lowe's. This would be fine
for me as far as thickness goes but I've only heard talk about using 1" and
2" material. My benchwork is rock solid. The plywood top is 1/2" supported
about every foot except for a few spots where its a bit wider due to turnout
locations and the turntable. You can run and jump on it and it won't give
one iota but I've never used foam on a layout before. The actual roadbed
will be WS foam and cork since I have plenty of it. Is there any reason not
to use the 1/2" blue foam due to sound problems or anything else? Thanks,
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Bruce Favinger
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No reason at all. You can glue layers togeather to make deeper in places if you want.
Bruce Fav> I need some advise Gang,
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Chuck Kimbrough
Thanks Chuck! I didn't see any reason not to use it other than maybe noise. I have a few spots that will be higher but only a little so the 1/2 should handel that too. Thanks again. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger

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