HO DCC loco and switch compatibility

What are the compatibility issues regarding HO DCC locos of various lengths and switches of various sizes? Are #6, #8, or #10 turnouts more or less likely to cause problems? Regarding track brand selection, is Walthers a good selection for minimal problems with DCC locos?

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Go the the DCC wiring information in my sig below. It has much information about turnout wiring and DCC. Engine or train length has little to do with it (other than maybe for reverse loops).

The issue is shorting by running against the turnout direction and wheel backs contacting point, frog or guard rails and shorting. Some have run Walthers turnouts without incident or modifications; others (myself included) have had DCC problems. Fixing the older Walthers is tedious. I don't know about the newer ones, but the web site below has lots of answers.


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The issue centers around the points not being the same polarity as the stock rail. This happens with an 'all rail' from type of tyrnout(Walthers Shinohara type). The problems happens with both DC and DCC engines. The rub on DCC is that a short will shut down the entire power district and all the trains in it. With DC, normally the short only affects the power pack that is running that train. That said, most of the situations that this happens in are running through a switch that is thrown the wrong direction. I have never had any problems, but I run mainly diesels and some Spectrum steamers. I have heard of long wheelbase steam shorting between the stock rail and the switch point, The only good fix is to gap the rails and rewire per the numerous website instruction. I have both Shinohara and Atlas switches, and only the Shinohara should be affected - But then most of my engines are Kato/Atlas/P2K diesels, and some

2-8-0/4-6-0 Spectrum steamers.

Jim Bernier

Christ> What are the compatibility issues regarding HO DCC locos of various lengths

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