I think the Illuminati control all model railroads !!!

Yes, they are an invention by the Illuminati, to turn humans into
slaves of the Illuminati !
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Tristan Beeline
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Actually, it's the Conspiricy of Bavarian Seers...or the Ancient Bavarian Conspiricy. Then again, it could be the New Bavarian Conspiricy....
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"tom" wrote in news:1118800719.359840.296360 @g49g2000cwa.googlegroups.com:
Or perhaps the Busch Bavarian Conspiracy!
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Norman Morgan
Every time someone resp[onds to this troll without removing the "finet.unet" from the newsgroup list, he gets "credit" for drawing a response. If you must respond, and it's better to ignore him, be sure to remove that newsgroup.
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