Ebay Time Again

Andy try this site we need listers Online Now and Free for a limited time!
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Tired of paying all those listing fees on EBay? and then paying a percentage at the end? and if your model does not sell you still have to pay the listing fee?
At ModelersSwapmeet you just pay a monthly fee of $15.00. You get a vendor table and you can sell up to 50 models a month with photos. With fewer models for sale the price even gets less expensive.
With feedback this is a safe way to sell and meet with the modeling community. You can even sell WWII German subjects without getting the product pulled.
Any type of model can be sold here:
? Plastic
? Wood
? Resin
? Radio control all types
? Model railroad
If it is a model, you can sell it here without the hassles in a very easy and safe environment.
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I listed 25 items tonight... all Athearn. More Athearn to come, a
total of 100 items all together give or take, but I don't do 4:00 am
listings anymore so check back in the next couple days for more
listings.... still to come: two Proto 2000 U28B drives, a few NIB
Atlas locos, some Kato shells including SD38-2s.
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- Pre-Interstate Urban Archaeology
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