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Summer clean up project yielded these gems that I won't ever get to use.

Unless noted otherwise all equipment listed below is new, in the box and test run only. Anything more than a true test run I'm calling used even if it only has 5 run hours on it.

Atlas/Kato C-424 undec NIB. Included is a C+NW C-425 shell that has been modified to represent a phase 3 unit with dynamics removed. Good for C+NW, NH, PC and Conrail. $60

Atlas/Roco ALCo S4 Atlas #8282 Canadian Pacific #7111 (Script lettering)$45

Atlas/Kato Pennsy RS11 shell. $18(Free shipping to US locations) Atlas/Kato undec RS3 shell, modified. Tiger Valley stack and DA lift rings added. All cast on grabs removed and drilled for wire grabs. $18(Free shipping to US locations)

Branchline Blueprint #1410 series 40 ft. boxcars Erie 3 pack. $34

Concor/Kato Southern Pacific #2295(Scarlet & Gray scheme) SW7(NW2), someone trimmed the stacks apparently to install spark arrestors, I'm including stacks from a P2K SW9, $30

Custom painted Athearn(w/flywheel drive) F7A NYC lightning stripes(numbered

1601) with windows installed and steam generator detail removed. $25

Custom painted Athearn (w/flywheel drive) F7A NYC lightning stripes(numbered

1650)with windows installed and steam generator detail removed. $25

Proto 2000 ALCo S-1 Erie-Lackawanna #315, LL#21356, $45 Proto 2000 ALCo S-1 Erie-Lackawanna #320, LL#21357, $45 Proto 2000 ALCo FB-1 Reading, no number, black with green/yellow stripe, powered, $35 Proto 2000 GP9 phase 3 Lehigh Valley #301 LL#21699, $50

2-Proto 2000 GP9/18 drives with AAR "B"(Alco/GE) style trucks, no shell. $25 each Proto 2000 GP9 phase 3 non dynamic, partially stripped(lettering), was Illinois Central. $35 Proto 2000 GP9 phase 3 undec w/dynamic, LL#21649, $45 Proto 2000 GP9 phase 2 N&W #710, LL#23615, $50 Proto 2000 GP18 undec, "low nose" w/dynamics, LL#8855, $50 Proto 2000 SD9 LL#21234 Nickel Plate non-dynamic $45 Proto 2000 GP30 LL#21547 NYC road #6118 "Cigar band" $45

Proto 1000 F3A LL#8187 Lehigh Valley road # 514 $25 Proto 1000 F3A , stripped, cast-on grabs and rails removed, lift rings and DA exhaust stacks installed, ready for paint, $35 Proto 1000 F3A chassis modified to fit a Stewart F3A phase 1 shell. $35 includes Stewart F3A phase 1 shell. Proto 1000 Budd RDC LL#30385 NYC M497 $32

MDC(Roundhouse) RS3(improved drive) NYC #8236, "Cigar Band" MDC# 2385, $45

2-MDC(Roundhouse) RS3(improved drive) Undec "kit" These are close out specials from MDC that are unassembled versions of the RS3. You have to paint the frame and assemble the drive; the trucks come assembled. $32 each MDC(Roundhose) RS3(improved drive) Burlington Northern #4085 "kit", same as above but with factory painted shell. $35

Modified Bachmann GP30 shell with Athearn GP35 frame and trucks. Shell has fans replaced with Detail Assoc. parts and drilled for grab irons. GP35 handrail kit included. DA curved roof grabs included $10

Stewart F3A/B set(powered A, dummy B) phase 3 dual headlight undec. Stewart number 5401 $75 Stewart/Kato RS12 NYC #6226 "Lightning Stripes" Stewart # 4503, $55 Stewart/Kato RS12 NYC #6228 "Lightning Stripes" Stewart # 4504, $55

Sunrise Enterprises Nose bell H-121, for NYC/PC/Conrail, GTW, GN and other 1st generation geeps. 2 bells per package. $2 per package

Shipping and insurance is extra except where noted. Shipping will vary by your location. I'll quote shipping & insurance if you give me your zipcode.

All payment in US funds.



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