Issues with MRC Prodigy Advance

Before I box my Prodigy Advance and send it to MRC for repair, thought I'd post my issues to hear if anyone else has the same issues.

MRC states my Prodigy Advance may be one of the early ones that had read-back issues, but I'm not so sure, the store I purchased this from in December moves a lot of inventory.


The problems I am having are:

- Inability to Read decoder settings on the program track;

- Locomotive starts moving when programming decoder on the main track;


Atlas Master Series GP-38 with dual-mode decoder installed at the factory(decoder set to DCC) Atlas GP-40 with Digitrax DH163A0 decoder installed by myself

When I attempt to read decoder settings on the program track, I get the following errors:

- For the GP-38 I get ERR ADR

- For the GP-40, the value returned is always 0 (for address, CV, etc)

I can program the decoder of both locomotives on the program track, I just can't read the settings.

When I attempt to program the decoder on the main track, the locomotive will start moving at a decent speed even though the throttle is set to 0. ie: On main track, if I program a CV, the new setting gets stored, and the locomotive starts running down the track.

I have 1 cab, and the cab is set to address 1, last operational cab set to

2, cab select set to 1-8, last cab allowed to program is set to 2.
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I'm not sure about the movement on the main track when programming but the other symptoms certainly sound like the read-back problem on the early models. I new about this issue early on before I bought mine and was one of the main reasons I bought it from Tony's Train Exchange. It may have cost a few bucks more but I didn't have to send it back and pay postage and experience any downtime.. I buy most of my larger items from him because he stands behind all his products and usually knows about issues like this before we, the consumers do. I will buy decoders from different sources though. Maybe someone else can talk about the movement issue since I have never had a unit before it was reprogrammed. BTW, if you buy another handheld be careful, since the programming to correct this problem was done both the base unit and the handheld. PeteC

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Pete's answer sounds correct. I would suggest that you get on the Yahoo MRC list. The people that could better answer your questions about MRC hang out there!

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Jon Miller

Yup, I'm gonna send it back to MRC for repair. Maybe it is one of those earlier units, though MRC made it sound like only a few of those got out the door.

Oh well, I can say that seeing how my layout is far from needing DCC yet(it's under construction), I can live without the MRC unit for a few weeks.

Thx for the info.

PeteC wrote:

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Thx much, never knew about that group, have joined and will see what they can tell me.

BTW, any other good Yahoo groups for Model railroading?

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Jon Miller

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