Digitrax&MRC Prodigy

My friend just bought a MRC Prodigy DCC set and was wondering if the
Digitrax Zephyr DCC set is compatible.
Meaning that the Digitrax programmed locos will run on the Prodigy set
w/o re-programming or will I have to reprogram them to be added to his
MRC set.
I think I have to reprogram it for his set and not reprogam it when I
bring it home for my Digitrax set.
OR do I have to reprogram the locos each time I go from his MRC set to
my Digitrax set?
Thank you group in advance for your help. It is appreciated.
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The locomotive decoders should work as is on both systems.
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Edward A. Oates
I _think_ the MRC prodigy has some limitations on the range of addresses. as in will only work with 2 digit addresses in the decoders. If your locomotives are programmed within its range, you shouldn't have problems.
The Zephyr does not share this limitation... it will do 4 digit addresess.
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Joe Ellis
As Ed said, the DCC system is designed so that decoders work with any command system. The only reprogramming you might need to do is if you and your friend use the same address for two different locos.
This interchangeability does not extend to controllers. You can't use a Digitrax controller on an MRC system nor vice versa.
-- Bill McC.
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Bill McCutcheon

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